Note: If you are experiencing a housing crisis or homelessness, please call 2-1-1. All referrals to Catholic Charities of Fairfield County’s Housing Programs are made through 2-1-1.

At Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, our housing department is at the forefront of making a difference in the lives of those grappling with chronic homelessness. With dedicated case managers available Monday through Friday year-round, our mission is to provide support and solutions to individuals facing housing challenges.

In a recent success story, one of our clients, who had been contending with homelessness for several years, found the gift of a home during this past Christmas season. This significant milestone was achieved through the unwavering dedication of Alek Papaluca, a case manager in our housing department.

Alek’s commitment to his client’s well-being was evident through countless phone calls, emails, and conversations. The result? A successful placement in a beautiful new home. While the tale doesn’t involve Santa Claus, Snowman, or Reindeer, it embodies a genuine Christmas miracle that will resonate in our client’s heart for years to come.

Our housing department is committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness, one success story at a time. For those seeking assistance or information about our housing programs, please contact 2-1-1. This helpline will connect you to Catholic Charities Housing Programs, where case managers are ready to guide you through the support and solutions available.