Leadership Team

Michael Donoghue

Executive Director

(203) 416-1370

[email protected]

Angela Piscitello

Chief Program Officer

[email protected]

Sandy Cole, LCSW

Vice President and Senior Director
(203) 748-0848 ext. 223

[email protected] 

Mary-Beth Petersen

Vice President, Human Resources

(203) 416-1339

[email protected] 

Debra Bodner-Beurer

Vice President, Finance

(203) 416-1478

[email protected]

Amy Zajac, MSW

Senior Director, Marketing and Events

(203) 416-1336

[email protected]

Shaye Anne McCormick

Development Officer

(475) 225-6372

[email protected]

Administrative Offices

238 Jewett Ave Bridgeport, CT 06606

Catholic Charities of Fairfield County

Board of Directors

Corporate Officers

Tony Giobbi, Board Chair
Daniel Casal, Treasurer
Anne O. McCrory, Secretary


Laure Aubuchon
Carol Calandra
Cathy Frierson
Lorraine Gibbons
Patricia Glassford
Mike Hanlon
Thomas Heckel
Nancy Murphy
Fr. Kevin O’Brien
Sean O’Connell
Bill Tommins

Foundations in Charity (“FIC”) is an independent 501(c)(3) launched in 2020 to provide financial support to Catholic Charities of Fairfield County and other charitable organizations to continue to provide much needed social services to the needy and vulnerable across Fairfield County.

Catholic Charities of Fairfield County


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