New Heights

New Heights is a wellness and recovery center which is member run and member driven, many of staff identify as being in recovery.  New Heights offers classes, groups, and seminars that address every aspect of emotional and physical wellness.   This holistic programming includes classes such as Food and Nutrition, Mindfulness, Anger Management, Walking, and Positive Thinking.  Each day a community meeting is held, this is a time where the members and staff come together to discuss announcements, issues, ideas, and concerns.   We use a strengths based, recovery oriented approach that fuses cultural competency and trauma sensitivity.  Our members assist with program development based on need and request.   Our facility has computers available where people can enhance their personal skills, job search, create resumes, or access social media.  Members can participate in outings such as trips to the beach, local restaurants, and movies.  We also have on site activities which include Wii sports, Game tournaments, and Pizza Socials.  We promote community activities that enrich our members lives, such as involvement with our “Adopt A Street” and visits to Farmers Markets, Museums and other community based events    A low cost “healthy”  lunch is offered every weekday.

Contact Info

64 West Street
Danbury, CT 06810

Mailing address: 24 Grassy Plain Street, Bethel, CT 06801

(203) 794-0819
Fax: (203) 731-3260

Contact Person: Heather Ely ~ [email protected]

Program Hours

Monday through Thursday ~ 9 am-5 pm
Saturday ~ 10 am-2 pm
Friday & Sunday ~ Closed
Holidays ~ Closed

Client Stories

Six years ago, I was practically homebound and isolated, other than going to the psychiatric clinic for treatment. I met another patient and we became friends. This person was a member of New Heights.

She wanted me to visit this program, but I didn’t have the self confidence and became overwhelmed with new situations. How could a person who couldn’t leave their home join a program of strangers? She kept bugging me over a couple of months to visit.

Eventually I got up the courage and said, “yes.”

On the first day, I did an intake at New Heights and met Ed who is one of the staff members. From that point forward, he and other staff members made a significant difference in my life. The next big step was meeting the members. I was scared, felt inferior, and not good enough. Once I entered the community room, much to my surprise, members started reaching out to me. The groups I and other members attend support and guide us to live a stable and healthier life.

I encourage those of you who need support to join the New Heights Program.

Mike D.

Administrative Offices: 238 Jewett Ave Bridgeport, CT 06606

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