Cece and Mike Donoghue pictured with Bishop Frank Caggiano receiving Benemerenti medals during the December 3rd ceremony at St. Augustine Cathedral

BRIDGEPORT – In a heartwarming ceremony held on Sunday, December 3rd, at St. Augustine Cathedral, the Most Rev. Frank J. Caggiano, Bishop of Bridgeport, conferred Benemerenti medals on Mike Donoghue, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, and his wife Cece Donoghue. These prestigious medals, bestowed by Pope Francis, commend individuals for their exceptional service to Catholic principles, the Church, and society.

The Vespers Prayer Service, attended by a diverse group of well-wishers, marked a significant moment for the Diocese of Bridgeport. The Bishop, expressing his gratitude and admiration, acknowledged the couple’s commitment to the Catholic Faith and their substantial contributions to the local community.

Cece Donoghue, known for her significant involvement with Catholic Charities, was also recognized for her compassionate service with the Order of Malta and the Partnership to End Human Trafficking (PEHT). The awards were part of the Bishop’s initiative to formally recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves through faith, wise counsel, and generous support of the Church’s mission.

Bishop Caggiano, who personally sought Pope Francis’s approval for the honors, conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to the recipients. He emphasized that the recognition was not just an acknowledgment of their individual efforts but also a celebration of the positive impact on the entire Diocese.

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