In a world where acts of kindness often go unnoticed, there are extraordinary individuals who prove that age is no barrier to making a positive impact. One such heartwarming story introduces us to Sammy, a curious and compassionate 6-year-old making a difference for the Thomas Merton Center.

Sammy’s contribution to the Thomas Merton Center (TMC) began when he crossed paths with Karen, the Volunteer Coordinator at TMC, during a summer camping trip. The conversation kicked off with Sammy’s question, “Where do you work?” Karen shared that she worked at the Thomas Merton Center.

As Karen explained the invaluable work that TMC does, Sammy’s eagerness to understand the organization’s mission grew. Karen explained how TMC collects food to distribute among its guests in need. Sammy then jumped out of the hammock he was sitting in and said, “Wait right here, I have a Canadian quarter!”

He was very excited to have a Canadian quarter and he was even more excited to share it with Karen so she could buy food with it for TMC. She purchased a few items and sent him the picture of the items that his Canadian quarter helped to provide.

This act of generosity is truly appreciated by the Thomas Merton Center staff. The world needs more thoughtful people like Sammy. Thank you, Sammy, for your kind and generous heart!


The food items Karen purchased with Sammy’s Canadian quarter.