Catholic Charities of Fairfield County’s Housing Program is thrilled to share the incredible progress Mr. F. Lesko has made in improving his overall well-being over the past six months.

After a long and arduous wait, Mr. Lesko was approved for Social Security benefits in October 2022, providing him with a monthly amount of $841. What’s even more remarkable is that he also received back pay from April to October 2022. This financial support has allowed Mr. Lesko to fulfill some pressing needs, including purchasing a new bed and a much-needed couch. These simple comforts have had a profound impact on his daily life.

In addition to the Social Security benefits, we are delighted to announce that Mr. Lesko has recently been approved for extra support services through the Department of Social Services (DSS), thanks to the assistance of Nataya Perry and Mr. James Dwyer, DSS Social Work Supervisor. One of the invaluable services he now receives is the Emergency Response System (ERS), which ensures he has around-the-clock access to emergency response services through an electronic monitoring device system. With a call button worn around his neck, Mr. Lesko can summon help in case of any emergency.

Furthermore, Mr. Lesko is grateful to receive five days of home-delivered meals, both hot and cold, as part of the support services. This provision ensures that he has access to proper nutrition even during challenging times. Additionally, he benefits from five hours a week of home-making services, provided by the esteemed Ultimate Cleaning Company. The dedicated team assists Mr. Lesko with various household tasks such as sweeping, dusting, mopping, laundry service, and more. These services have lightened his load and enabled him to focus on other aspects of his life.

Mr. Lesko expresses his heartfelt appreciation for all the help he has received, stating, “I thank you so much for all of your support.” We couldn’t be prouder of his determination and resilience throughout his journey.

Please take a moment to appreciate Mr. Lesko as he proudly showcases his new ERS device in the accompanying photograph. It symbolizes not only the safety and security it provides but also the progress and hope that have come into his life.


Previous Success Story 11/2022: Helping a Connecticut Collaborative on Re-Entry (CCR) Client Become Self-Sufficient:

F. Lesko has been a Connecticut Collaborative on Re-Entry (CCR) client for 3 years, and recently just turned 55. Due to various medical issues, F. Lesko is unable to work and has applied for Social Security benefits. It has been extremely difficult for F. Lesko to get approved for Social Security benefits due to eligibility requirements. He was denied once in 2019, and has reapplied again this past April in hopes of getting approved since his medical history has changed. As you know, it takes quite some time to get a response from Social Security indicating if you’re approved or not.

With the assistance that F. Lesko has been receiving such as his monthly deposit of SNAP benefits, going to food pantries, and help from friends, he has managed to exercise his limited resources and maintain a living despite not having an income.

Now that F. Lesko is 55, he was able to apply for DSS Cash Benefits and fall under the category “Unemployable 55 and over.” He was qualified due to not being employed and not having a work history in the past 5 years. Within weeks, F. Lesko was approved for cash benefits in the amount of $222 monthly! In the meantime, while he waits for Social Security’s denial or approval status, he will now have some sort of steady income. F. Lesko will now begin to enjoy having income and can start to live a more productive life.