Dawson Brown, a 64-year-old man, has finally found stability in his life after years of struggling with homelessness and various challenges. In November of 2022, Mr. Brown was enrolled in the CCR Housing Program and was assigned Ms. Nataya Perry as his Housing Case Manager.

Throughout the years, Mr. Brown has held various job titles, including Sanitation Worker, Painter, and Customer Service Rep. However, due to life challenges such as depression and substance abuse, he has struggled to maintain a stable environment for himself, leading to periods of homelessness.

In 2021, Mr. Brown was incarcerated for nine months and then moved into a halfway house for six months. Upon discharge, he sought assistance with housing through 211 and eventually found a home at Prospect House Shelter, where he resided for six months. While there, he was able to connect with a psychiatrist and substance abuse counselor, and he received his first housing voucher through JD Amelia.

With the help of the Catholic Charities’ Housing Case Management Program, Mr. Brown was matched with Ms. Perry, who worked with him to find a suitable one-bedroom apartment in Bridgeport, CT. Additionally, Mr. Brown was connected with Mr. Ford Smith, the Program Manager of the Furniture Ministry with Catholic Charities, and was able to receive second-hand furniture to furnish his new home.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Mr. Brown has been able to maintain a stable living environment by utilizing resources such as his monthly deposit of SNAP and DSS cash benefits and going to food pantries. With a sense of peace and stability in his life, Mr. Brown expressed his gratitude for the assistance he has received.

His journey towards stability is a testament to the power of community support and the importance of programs like the CCR Housing Program and the Furniture Ministry with Catholic Charities.

Learn more about Catholic Charities’ Housing Programs: www.ccfairfield.org/housing-services

Mr. Brown pictured with the keys to his apartment