Nestled within the heart of Fairfield County, Catholic Charities tirelessly executes a mission of kindness and empathy. A cornerstone initiative that showcases the incredible power of community compassion is our Furniture Ministry. This project encapsulates the profound belief that the comfort of a well-furnished home can infuse a renewed sense of stability, dignity, and hope in individuals traversing life’s most challenging phases.

The Furniture Ministry is more than a hub for donated furniture—it is a lifeline reaching out to the diverse members of our community. Our services touch the lives of recently housed homeless individuals and families, survivors of domestic abuse, new refugees and immigrants, low-income families and individuals, and individuals recovering from natural disasters or transitioning from foster care, rehabilitation centers, or military service.

Mike Donoghue, the Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, reflected on the impact of the Furniture Ministry, stating, “Each piece of donated furniture represents more than just a physical item. It’s a symbol of stability, hope, and dignity. It’s a sign that our community is a network of caring and compassionate individuals who rally together to uplift those in need.”

Participation in our mission can take on many forms.

Donate Furniture: We need your unused furniture. In particular, we are seeking twin beds and smaller pieces of furniture, as they are most suitable for apartments or smaller homes. Please understand that while all donations are appreciated, larger furniture items may not fit comfortably in the homes of those we serve.

Monetary Contributions: The Furniture Ministry thrives on your generous financial contributions. Your donations help us cover essential operational costs such as transportation, storage, and refurbishing supplies. No contribution is too small; every dollar helps further our mission.

Volunteer: Volunteers are the heart of our operations. Whether you can help with collecting and delivering furniture, refurbishing items, or supporting administrative duties, there is a place for you within our mission.

Angela Piscitello, our Chief Program Officer, speaks passionately about the power of volunteering: “The energy, dedication, and compassion of our volunteers transform lives every day. They make our mission possible, providing not just furniture, but a sense of home, comfort, and normalcy for those facing challenging times.”

Supporting the Furniture Ministry at Catholic Charities of Fairfield County means more than simply giving away furniture, money, or time. You’re providing a tangible sign of hope and dignity to those who need it most. You’re creating spaces where families can gather, children can sleep peacefully, and individuals can start anew with the knowledge that they are supported.

For more information on how you can make a transformative difference, please contact us at 475-319-1469 or email us at [email protected]. Together, we can continue the essential work of the Furniture Ministry, creating a more compassionate and caring Fairfield County.

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