Many people look at disabled people and look the other way. I am from India and came to America, to make my dreams a reality. I got my degree from CUNY, City University of New York, and majored in Computer Science. But soon I realized my passion was art, so I turned to graphics and web designing. Falling in love, getting married and having a son was not in my book. So, you can see I adapt to unknown territories quickly. I started my career making graphics for a sign company, after that I did many freelance projects for various agencies, but something was missing. I reached out to a few organizations who help disabled people find work. I got excited when the Kennedy Employment Services of the Kennedy Center gave me the opportunity to do an internship at New Covenant Center. Working with this non-profit organization, who feeds families who are struggling, I was able to relate to my struggles throughout my life and getting help. Today I am smiling, knowing I am a part of the community and I am able to give back with my skills.