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Community Advocacy Program (CAP)

Fairfield County

Catholic Charities Community Advocacy Program is one of the newest services we offer.  This program was created to provide residents of Fairfield County with a hand-up when facing difficult situations and to connect them with resources in their local area.

People can call our Community Resource Advocate and participate in a brief telephone interview to determine how we can best help.


  • Short term Case Management Services
  • Assistance with applying for benefits
  • Food Resources
  • Assistance with research and referrals to potential financial assistance programs
  • Utility Resources and Assistance
  • Furniture and Clothing Referrals
  • Advocacy, Information, and Referrals to other Catholic Charities Programs
  • For information on SNAP benefits

Who to Contact

To speak with a Community Resource Advocate call:
(203) 750-9711 ext. 30

Kristine Paz, Program Supervisor
[email protected]

If you are experiencing a housing emergency, please contact 211 for guidance.  If you have been referred to CAP by a Case Manager, please have the Case Manager contact CAP directly.


Serving all of Fairfield County

Program Hours

8:30am – 4:00pm

Success Stories from Community Advocacy Program

The Smith family came to the Catholic Charities Community Advocacy Program (CAP) in January 2023, during a time of financial crisis. After experiencing a period of homelessness, they had been housed in September 2022, and were determined to take responsibility for their bills and provide for their four children.

The mother, Marissa, was job searching while caring for her family, and the father was actively employed. Every month, Marissa carefully saved their money to pay the rent with a money order. However, one day her wallet was stolen while shopping, leaving them without the means to pay their rent.

Thanks to the resources secured by CAP, we were able to step in and pay their rent, preventing their eviction. Our case manager worked closely with the family to review their current circumstances, explore options, and problem solve. We also connected them with local resources to help them find employment and open a bank account.

The family is now thriving, and has remained current with all their bills since the incident. The support from CAP has helped them keep a roof over their heads and provided them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Greta’s story is one of resilience and determination. As a single mother raising two children with disabilities, she faced numerous challenges in maintaining a stable household. However, when her landlord demanded the unit back and she could not afford the security deposit, she knew she needed help.

Greta reached out to a Catholic Charities, where she was connected with a case manager who understood her situation and was committed to helping her find a solution. Together, they explored her situation and potential options.  Ultimately, CAP was able to access a grant which proved to be a wonderful resource that could cover a portion of the security deposit and Greta would use her savings to cover the remainder.

With the grant in hand, Greta was able to secure her new home and avoid the uncertainty of shelter living. She was relieved to know that her family would have a stable and secure place to call home.

Moving forward, Greta is confident that she will be able to maintain her household with her stable income and the assistance of social services. She is grateful for the support she received during this difficult time and is hopeful for what the future holds for her and her children. With a newfound sense of stability, Greta is empowered to tackle any challenges that come her way.

When their daughter was incarcerated, Mary and her husband Fred found themselves unexpectedly becoming guardians to their four grandchildren. With this sudden change, they had to provide for their grandchildren’s basic needs, including housing. Living in a one-bedroom apartment with six people was challenging, but they managed as best they could. However, they needed to find appropriate housing to maintain custody of their grandchildren.

With the help of their case manager, they secured a section 8 voucher to afford better housing. Finding a suitable home for a family of six that accepted the voucher was a challenge, but with the family and case manager tirelessly searching, they found a perfect five-bedroom home. The grandparents, however, were not prepared for the move and did not have the savings to provide a Security Deposit, which was a significant expense.

Fortunately, the Catholic Charities Community Advocacy Program was able to step in to help with the Security Deposit, allowing the family to overcome this challenging situation. Moving into their new home has made a world of difference for the family. They now have the space they need to live comfortably and provide a stable home for their grandchildren. The reduced rental payment has also eased their financial burden, allowing them to focus on other important needs like food and education.

The support of Catholic Charities CAP has had a profound impact on their lives. It has given them hope for a brighter future, and the family is grateful for the kindness and generosity they have received.

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