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merton_houseThe HOPWA Scattered Site Housing Program (SSHP) currently provides subsidized housing and strengths-based case management for up to 16 households. The apartments are located in the city of Bridgeport and efforts are made to ensure units match the needs of the residents pertaining to location, size, and accessibility. The SSHP is designed for families and individuals that need financial assistance and supportive services to address their housing, mental health and/or substance abuse, and physical health needs. Successful applicants to the program have at least one household member diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, are able to document that their emotional health is fragile, and they are chronically homeless, at risk of homelessness, or their current housing is substandard.

Referral by case manager/ service providers only

The Permanent Housing Diocese (PHD) Supportive Housing Program provides subsidized housing and strengths-based case management for up to 17 families whose head of household has a mental health or co-occurring disorder. PHD assists families by providing subsidized housing, while focusing on economic stability and independent living through employment and education opportunities. Case Managers utilize a holistic approach to aid families in developing skills for a well-balanced life. All applicants must be either at risk of homelessness, homeless, or chronically homeless, and in need of supportive housing services.

Referral by case manager/ service providers only

Conger House is a permanent, congregate setting, supportive housing program for 16 formerly homeless single adults living with HIV/AIDS, a specific fragile medical condition, substance abuse, or co-occurring disorder. Each applicant accepted for residency into the program is homeless, living in a shelter, or on the streets. All tenants are linked to available community resources and receive on-site case management to support their economic stability, overall good health, and well-being. Also, the residence is staffed by a housing team who assist tenants to live more independently by providing life skills training.

Referral by case manager/ service providers only

Contact:  Kim Norris, 203-335-0392

C.C.R. (Connecticut Collaborative on Re-Entry) provides intensive strengths-based case management and permanent housing targeted to 25 individuals with a history of chronic homelessness due to repetitive incarceration.

No application process through CCFC; qualifying applicants are pre-selected by CT DMHAS.

Contact: 203-416-1612

Merton Homes is located in the Hollow neighborhood of Bridgeport Connecticut at 152-172 Catherine Street and 65 Madison Avenue. This permanent supportive housing program provides residency to 22 formerly homeless families. Among these, 15 families has a head of household with a confirmed disability, and 5 families has a head of household ranging from 18 yrs. – 23 yrs. who are aging out of DCF services. Also, the project-based development has an integrated resident community with 2 Bridgeport Housing Authority families selected from the public housing waiting list that are encouraged to engage in on-site intensive supportive services.

Application at Bridgeport Housing Authority only

Contact: Ramsey Williams, 203-334-0060

Bethlehem House has been in existence since 1989 as a transitional living program serving up to 7 families in the town of Stratford, CT. Bethlehem House and Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, Inc. merged with the Stratford Coalition for the Homeless, Inc., October 1, 2007. Since that time, CCFC has provided strengths-based case management support to families with the goal of independent living through economic and housing stability prior to discharge from the program.

Referral by case manager/ service providers only

Contact:  203-377-0072

Contact Info

The Catholic Center
238 Jewett Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06606
(203) 416-1456
Fax: (203) 373-0835

Program Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Client Stories

In my years being a tenant of Bethlehem House, I have accomplished a great deal. In my stay, I have had the opportunity to career progress, budget orientation, and life skills. I initially earned minimum wage as a cashier at Price Rite supermarket. I then moved on to becoming a Call Center Representative for Cablevision for three years so far. Also, I had the opportunity to learn life skills, how to budget, clean up a lot of my debt, which can help me eventually own my own home.

I feel that this program at Bethlehem House benefits people who share a similar background as me. Without this program, and its staff help and support, I feel that the chains of poverty can not be broken. Homelessness is a problem in Connecticut and programs like the Bethlehem are of necessity to help individuals and their families move forward and break homelessness.

– Miss Harper

Life changing circumstances caused my family (self and five minor children) to become homeless. Bethlehem House has been a key source of support providing Transitional Housing at a crucial time, with its staff, helping and orientating as needed.

My children and self have been able to attend Groups in the House, individual counseling, we maintain our self-esteem, my children thrive and remain active in school and community, integrate them in sports while we continue to rebuild our lives. I gain the opportunity to volunteer in the schools, be part of the community, and build up my self-confidence.

I would recommend Bethlehem House to any homeless family, struggling in the community to achieve many goals as life skill, budgeting, parenting, job and house finding, build up self-esteem and self-sufficiency.

I highly appreciate my staying at Bethlehem House.

– Ms. Page

Corporate Offices: 238 Jewett Ave Bridgeport, CT 06606
Phone: 203.416.1503
Fax: 203.372.5045

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