Historical Information

Historical Information

1915: The forerunner of Catholic Charities-the Catholic Charitable Bureau of Bridgeport-is founded.

1920: Catholic Charitable Bureau provides Child Welfare Services to the entire Fairfield County.

1930: The Bureau coordinates with government agencies on New Deal programs including the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Work Progress Administration (WPA). Offices are opened in Stamford, Greenwich, Danbury, Norwalk, and Darien.

1940: Returning veterans from World War II are helped by the Bureau’s participating in the Community Advisory Center of Bridgeport.

1953: The Diocese of Bridgeport is established. The four social services offices in the County officially become known as Catholic Charities.

1959: The “Hart of Place” adoption program is created to find permanent homes for children stalled in foster care.

1965: Catholic Charities marks its 50th anniversary and expands mental health services, plans for housing for the elderly, and partners with the government resulting in federal, state, and local grants for services. Catholic Charities opens Bishop Curtis Homes; housing for the elderly.

1970: Catholic Charities expands it counseling and senior services. Thomas Merton House of Hospitality, which will become the largest soup kitchen in Connecticut, opens in Bridgeport.

1980: One-millionth meal served by the Senior Nutrition program. Medical Social Services offered through a contact with Visiting Nurses Association; pregnancy residences established to deal with the epidemic of teen and problem pregnancies; AIDS problem addressed by a scattered site housing rental program.

1990: Catholic Charities assists in helping welfare recipients find work. Counseling services stretched as effects of managed health care felt.

1995: The agency’s Adoption Program expanded its services by offering international adoptions from China. Catholic Charities of Fairfield County was the only Catholic agency in the Connecticut to offer international placements.

2007: Catholic Charities is accredited by the U.S. Department of Justice to practice in matters of immigration and naturalization. Conger House opens in Bridgeport, offering a mix of independent living and case management to the homeless. The Morning Glory Breakfast Program opens and begins serving breakfast to the hungry and homeless of Danbury.

2016: Catholic Charities celebrated its 100th Anniversary.

Administrative Offices: 238 Jewett Ave Bridgeport, CT 06606

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