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Fairfield County Giving Day

February 23, 2023

Mental health matters! Our focus this year will be our Mental Health Counseling Services.

As with all things, the pandemic has had a significant impact on mental health. Locally, Catholic Charities’ mental health programs have seen a 47 percent increase in adults and children seeking help for anxiety, panic, and depression. And globally, we’ve probably all felt more anxiety, more grief, and more loss over the past two years than we ever have before. This is a devastating result of the pandemic that needs our attention and support.

Catholic Charities is one of the only providers of subsidized mental health services — including counseling, clinical social work, medication management, and marriage and family therapy. That means, thankfully, finances don’t need to be a barrier to someone getting the help they need. No one should suffer in pain alone! However, we need your help to keep up with these demands.

By supporting our Behavioral Health Counseling Services, you may be helping in more ways than one. Because when you address mental health, you may also be indirectly addressing other chronic issues. For example, according to the National Alliance on Mental Health:

● 20.5 percent of people experiencing homelessness have a serious mental health condition.

● 37 percent of incarcerated adults have a diagnosed mental illness.

● Mental illness and substance abuse disorders are the second most common reason for emergency room visits after pregnancy and childbirth.*

We provide our clients with counseling services, clinical social work, medication management, and marriage and family therapy. We also provide a community support program and a wellness and recovery center for those in need.

We will say it again, mental health matters! And if you donate today, you can help the people served by Catholic Charities get on the path to happier, healthier lives. Your gift on Giving Day can make a difference!